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Grassroots 'Day Of Mourning' Sold Out and Spreads to Twenty More Cities and Rising

Abortion / Euthanasia2/19/2019 6:37:02 AM
Contact: Elizabeth Johnston, 740-973-0542, ActivistMommyOfficial@gmail.comALBANY, N.Y., Feb. 19, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- A grassroots movement of American citizens distressed by New York's recent abortion law has turned their disgust to action with a "Day of Mourning" on February 23rd.In just over a week, the movement has grown from one large event in Albany, New York, to 20 events in locations such as Apple Valley, California, Eugene, Oregon, Chicago, Illinois and Char Source: Day of Mourning

'Unnecessary Noise' Charge Against Evangelist Dismissed

Abortion / Euthanasia2/19/2019 5:46:01 AM
Contact: Brad Dacus, 916-616-4126 (Spanish: 206-257-3239) KENNEWICK, Wash., Feb. 19, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- A Benton County District Judge dismissed the criminal charge against a public evangelist who regularly preaches outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic. The judge held that the City of Kennewick's noise ordinance unconstitutionally restrains speech that "annoys" the comfort, repose, health or safety of the public. Eric Schonbachler travels to various communities to pr Source: Pacific Justice Institute

Protest/Street Theater at St. Patrick Cathedral, Sunday 2/17 Christ, Cuomo, Satan, and Cardinal Dolan

Abortion / Euthanasia2/16/2019 2:20:03 PM
Contact: Randall Terry, 904-826-9989NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Location: St. Patrick Cathedral, Manhattan. Times of Protest: 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM, and 11:20 AM to 12 NoonHere is the skit protesters will be doing. youtu.be/EsT-fy38c-4(The actors will be dressed in appropriate costumes.) Christ is bearing His Cross, wearing a crown of thorns, he is covered with lashes and "stage blood."  Governor Cuomo is following him, beating him with a whip.  Source: Society for Truth and Justice

Senate Will Have Roll Call Vote on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Abortion / Euthanasia2/15/2019 3:58:04 AM
Sasse: "A lot of Senators spend a lot of time telling people how they fight for the little guy. Well, here's the chance for them to prove it." Contact: James Wegmann, 202-224-4224  WASHINGTON, Feb. 15, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, the author of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, issued the following statement after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell set up a vote on Sasse's legislation to require that doctors provide care to newborns who Source: Senator Ben Sasse

Street Theatre in NYC: Christ, Satan, Cuomo...and Trump -- Cuomo and Satan Team Up Against Trump and Christ -- Guess Who Wins?

Abortion / Euthanasia2/15/2019 3:12:00 AM
Visit www.RandallTerry.com to see news coverage of skit assailing Cuomo in various cities across New York State.Contact: Randall Terry, 904-826-9989MANHATTAN, N.Y., Feb. 15, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- In todays skits, Cuomo will be "aborting babies" while Satan encourages him. President Trump and Christ will walk up behind them, unseen; Trump will grab Cuomo's arm, and save a baby. Cuomo and Satan will flee in terror. Event Locations: World Trade Center, 10AM to NoonTrump Tow Source: Society for Truth and Justice

Evangelist Alveda King: POTUS Shows Love Today as Movies, Prisoners, Babies and Politics 'Lit' the Wire

Abortion / Euthanasia2/14/2019 7:00:05 AM
Contact: Leslie Palma, 732-757-9087 ATLANTA, Feb. 14, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Evangelist Alveda King: "Motives matter. Some agendas are indeed driven by envy and rivalry, but others serve humanity with a desire to foster godly love and good will." (Ref. Philippians 1:15) Today is Valentine's Day. Traditionally this observance is a day for cards, candy and romance. Yet in the midst of the hoopla, babies are still dying, and many human beings in the Source: Alveda King Ministries

Catholics Challenge Pro-Abortion Politicians

Abortion / Euthanasia2/14/2019 4:51:05 AM
Contact: Therese Sanchez, St. Joseph Foundation, 740-937-2054 HOPEDALE, Ohio, Feb. 14, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- The St. Joseph Foundation (SJF) has released a packet to challenge pro-abortion Catholic politicians. "Catholic politicians have an obligation to pursue initiatives protecting life at all stages," argues SJF President and Canon Lawyer, Philip Gray. "When they pursue pro-abortion initiatives, they should not be recognized as Catholic." Pro-lifers of any religious backgrou Source: The Saint Joseph Foundation

The National Council of Catholic Women is Deeply Saddened by the Passage of Late Term Abortion Legislation in New York

Abortion / Euthanasia2/13/2019 4:29:01 AM
Regrettably Similar Legislation is Also Being Promoted in Other States of the Country Contact: Laraine Bennett, Communications Manager, National Council of Catholic Women, 703-224-0990, lbennett@nccw.org ARLINGTON, Va., Feb. 13, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- It is with profound sadness that the National Council of Catholic Women contemplates the passage of the late term abortion legislation in New York now being promoted in other states of our country. The act of killing a child at any stag Source: National Council of Catholic Women

Donald Trump Called 'The Greatest President' in Conservative Pastor's New Book

Abortion / Euthanasia2/13/2019 3:17:05 AM
Pastor uses the Bible to prove how God is using President Trump to help the nation. Contact: Steven Andrew, 877-537-8734 SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 13, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Rev. Steven Andrew has released his latest book called "The Greatest President: God Is Making You Safe, Strong, and Prosperous with President Trump - the Greatest President of Our Lifetime." In it he compares the Bible and the words of our founding fathers and how they apply to the presidency of Donald Trump. Source: USA Christian Church

Christ, Cuomo, and Satan Tour Gathers Media and Momentum. See News Story: 'The Devil Went Down to Canandaigua'

Abortion / Euthanasia2/13/2019 2:53:01 AM
Contact: Randall Terry, 904-826 9989BINGHAMTON/SYRACUSE, N.Y., Feb. 13, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Cuomo is an evil man...and if he does not repent, he will burn in hell." -- Randall Terry, quoted Feb 12, in The Finger Lake Times. See links to more news stories below. On Wednesday, February 13, seven Activists from four states will continue touring the state of New York, repeating a street theatre skit entitled "Christ, Cuomo, and Satan." They are joined by local Source: Society for Truth and Justice

Victory for Pro-life Speech in New York

Abortion / Euthanasia2/12/2019 7:15:02 AM
Contact: Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel, 407-875-1776, Liberty@LC.org  BROOKLYN, N.Y., Feb. 12, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- New York Attorney General Letitia James has abandoned on appeal attempts to censor the Christian and pro-life speech of Liberty Counsel's client Scott Fitchett, Jr. as he preaches the gospel on the public sidewalks outside New York's largest abortion business. Photo: Liberty Counsel's Harry Mihet and Roger Gannam with Scott Fitchett, Jr.Fitchett and 12 Source: Liberty Counsel

Is Governor Andrew Cuomo Running for President?

Abortion / Euthanasia2/12/2019 1:30:00 AM
See reasons why below, and see...Pro-Lifer Leader Rebuke Cuomo, and Predict his run for PresidentContact: Randall Terry, 904-826-9989SYRACUSE, N.Y., Feb. 12, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pro-life leader Randall Terry, and dozens of pro-life activists are taking to the streets in multiple cities across New York State.See stories below. Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, explains how and why Andrew Cuomo is planning to run for President. What follows are stories of the Christ, Cuomo, and Source: Society for Truth and Justice

Street Theatre Attacking Gov. Cuomo to Tour New York State

Abortion / Euthanasia2/8/2019 6:31:01 AM
Contact: Michael Veritas, 904-826-9989 (on site cell) BUFFALO, N.Y., Feb. 8, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- In response to New York State's aggressive promotion of late term abortion, a group of pro-life street actors will tour 18 cities in New York State from Feb 10 - Feb 17, starting in Buffalo, NY, and ending at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. Full Tour Schedule at www.Randallterry.com (Buffalo schedule below.) The skit will include the roles of Governor Cuomo, Christ, and Satan. Source: Society for Truth and Justice

New York's New Abortion Law is More Barbaric than China

Abortion / Euthanasia2/8/2019 4:53:01 AM
Contact: Reggie Littlejohn, Women's Rights Without Frontiers, 310-592-5722 OPINION, Feb. 8, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Reggie Littlejohn, Founder and President of Women's Rights Without Frontiers: When I testified before Congress the first time in November 2009, I presented a shocking document I titled, "Best Practices Infanticide." It is an email chain from April 2009 discussing the topic, "What if the infant is still alive after induced labor?" It Source: Women's Rights Without Frontiers

Cuomo Distorts Truth About Abortion Bill

Abortion / Euthanasia2/8/2019 4:38:02 AM
Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191, pr@catholicleague.org   NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a recent op-ed in the New York Times by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: No public official in America is more pro-abortion than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He proved that again recently when he penned a rousing op-ed in the New York Times defending abortion at any time and for Source: Catholic League