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Evangelist Alveda King Announces New King Library Dedicated in Atlanta

Pro-Family News2/17/2018 8:26:05 AM
Contact: Eugene Vigil, 470-244-3302 ATLANTA, Feb. 17, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Evangelist Alveda King announces dedication of the KING FAMILY LEGACY LIBRARY today featuring books, art, music and more from "the private collections of Naomi and Alveda King." The ceremony will be held at 2:00 PM at The Millennium Gate Museum in Atlanta (395 17th Street, NW) with: Greetings and Acknowledgement of Special Guests - Rodney Cook, Founder National Monument Foundation, The Millennium Gate Muse Source: Alveda King Ministries

Hospital Intent on Starving Patient to Death

Pro-Family News2/16/2018 11:28:03 AM
Contact: Alexandra Snyder, Life Legal Defense Foundation, 202-717-7371 JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 16, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- A hospital in Jacksonville, Florida wants to withdraw food and water from a patient who recently suffered a gunshot wound. Joel Zuniga was unable to breathe on his own after being shot. Only two weeks after his injury, the hospital unilaterally determined to remove Joel's ventilator, over the objections of his family. Fr. David Nix, the family's priest and a f Source: Life Legal Defense

New Book Combines Healthy Living and the Catholic Faith

Pro-Family News2/16/2018 10:21:02 AM
Combining Healthy Living and the Catholic Faith in a Book has Never been Done Before, Until Now. The new book, "Taking Care of Your Family's Health and Well-being, Saints to Turn to and the Catholic Faith," by Cascia Talbert, founder of the award winning online magazine for moms, the Healthy Moms Magazine, is now available to pre-order on Kindle and paperback exclusively on Amazon. Contact: Cascia Talbert, 509-859-9256 CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill., Feb. 16, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- This Source: Independent Author

NY Abortionist -- 'Taking Life' Empowers Women

Pro-Family News2/16/2018 9:50:04 AM
Contact: Mat Staver, 407-875-1776,   BROOKLYN, N.Y., Feb. 16, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Merle Hoffman, president and CEO of Choices Women's Medical Clinic (Choices) in Jamaica, New York, who was questioned under oath yesterday by Liberty Counsel, has said that the "act of abortion positions women at their most powerful" because abortion gives women "power-and the responsibility-of taking life" so that they may control their own lives. "Mer Source: Liberty Counsel

Comedy Central Exec Threatens Church

Pro-Family News2/16/2018 6:14:01 AM
Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191,   NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on what a Comedy Central executive said yesterday (Viacom owns Comedy Central): Viacom has a serious problem on its hands: Jake Weisman, the co-creator and writer of the Comedy Central show, "Corporate" (he also stars in the show), has threatened to "bring the whole system do Source: Catholic League

Black History Celebrated in the White House

Pro-Family News2/15/2018 9:58:01 AM
Contact: Mat Staver, 407-875-1776,   WASHINGTON, Feb. 15, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, along with Vice President Mike Pence, celebrated Black History Month at the White House Tuesday, by hosting a reception with the theme of "African Americans in Times of War." Several Cabinet secretaries attended, along with Liberty Counsel's Director of Public Policy Jonathan Alexandre.President Trump saluted black Source: Liberty Counsel

Acclaimed Faith-based Docudrama 'The Heart of Man' Continues its Life-Changing Impact with Official Netflix Acquisition

Pro-Family News2/15/2018 4:22:03 AM
Film Becomes Available Nationwide, Spearheading Conversations Around Overcoming Shame, Finding Freedom from Addiction, and Restoring Humanity's Perception of the Love of God the Father Contact: Loureen Ayyoub, 714-280-2153, LOS ANGELES, Feb 15, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Thousands across the nation have experienced true soul transformations after watching Sypher Studios latest production, The Heart of Man. The Docu-Narrative feature film reached over 800 theater Source: Sypher Films

Winter Olympics Promotes Homosexuality as Principle 6 is Pushed

Pro-Family News2/15/2018 1:00:00 AM
Contact: 4 Winds Christian Athletics, 608-469-7956 MADISON, Wis., Feb. 15, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Olympic skater Adam Rippon and skier Gus Kenworthy are promoting homosexuality as normal behavior. They are the first openly gay Winter Olympians from the United States. They have been verbally attacking Vice President Mike Pence. Kenworthy recently appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show criticizing Pence. Hillary Clinton praised the gay athletes and said she will be focusing on them as sh Source: 4 Winds Christian Athletics

Diverse Projects Spotlight 'Broad Challenge' of the World's 2 Billion Unreached People

Pro-Family News2/14/2018 10:54:03 AM
International Day for the Unreached organizers emphasize need for whole church to respond to Jesus' Great CommissionContact: Palmer Holt, 704-662-2569, COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 14, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- United by a single goal, the champions of missions to the unreached follow a wide range of paths in taking the gospel to those who have yet to hear of Jesus.Photo: This Operation Mobilization (OM) bakery serves refugees from the Mi Source: InChrist Communications

Trump's Bid to Ax the NEA

Pro-Family News2/14/2018 10:18:03 AM
Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191,   NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Catholic League president Bill Donohue discusses how President Trump's new budget affects the National Endowment for the Arts: President Trump's new budget envisions the end of the National Endowment for the Arts. Its death is long overdue. Under the Trump plan, the NEA would be phased out in 2019, providing $29 million to cover t Source: Catholic League

Life Issues Institute & Susan B. Anthony List Announce Merger

Pro-Family News2/14/2018 8:12:01 AM
Grassroots Education Group Joins the SBA List Family of Organizations to Amplify Pro-life Message, Educate Grassroots Activists & VotersContact: Mallory Quigley,; Mike Sabo, msabo@lifeissues.orgWASHINGTON, Feb. 14, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- The national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) and Ohio-based Life Issues Institute (LII) have merged, the groups officially announced today. The partnership expands SBA List's reach to the pro-life grassr Source: Susan B. Anthony List

The 28th Annual 'Just Pray NO!' to Drugs Worldwide Weekend of Prayer and Fasting

Pro-Family News2/15/2018 1:30:00 AM
Contact: Steven L. Sherman, "Just Pray NO!", 727-647-6467, CLEARWATER, Fla., Feb. 15, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- The weekend of April 7 8, 2018 has been designated as the 28th Annual "Just Pray NO!" to drugs Worldwide Weekend of Prayer and Fasting for the addicted and their families. Since April 7th, 1991 "Just Pray NO!" has united Christians around the world in intercessory prayer on behalf of those bound by alcoholism, drug addiction and other life controlli Source: "Just Pray NO!" Ltd.

On Valentine's Day: Celebrating Love that Lives on in Memoir of God's Love in the Face of Heart-rending Tragedy

Pro-Family News2/14/2018 4:12:02 AM
Contact: Joni Sullivan Baker, 513-319-3231 NASHVILLE, Feb. 14, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- While the public face is of romance and roses, for many Valentine's Day is something to survive as they face painful reminders of their lost loved one. Or perhaps they just feel unloved and single on a day seemingly designed for two-somes. Author Wayne Faust has a unique take on this holiday, remembering not only the love he and his wife shared before her death from cancer, but also God's love sh Source: Buoyancy PR

Free Review Copies for Media & Show Hosts -- 'St. Joseph's Table Cookbook' and 'Proof of the Afterlife 2 - The Conversation Continues'

Pro-Family News2/14/2018 1:30:00 AM
Contact: Bro. Gary Joseph, 310-595-4175,; VENTURA, Calif., Feb. 14, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- "St. Joseph's Table Cookbook 100s of Years of Old-world Family Cooking" (2018): Just in time to celebrate Lent, the Easter season and the entire Church year. A classic family-style cookbook of historic proportions filled with hundreds of years of classic, healthy and easy old-world family cooking. The washable hardcover spiral, paperbac Source: Mercy Books - Servants of the Father of Mercy, Inc.

New Yorker Presents Editorialized Speculation and Hearsay on Terri Schiavo as News, Offers No Correction

Pro-Family News2/13/2018 4:44:05 AM
Contact: Tom Shakely, Executive Director, Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, 855-300-4673, PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 13, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Rachel Aviv's "What Does it Mean to Die?" profiles Jahi McMath, outlining this resilient and courageous young girl's situation in much of its depth, conveying the complex nature of Jahi's medical and legal situation as it relates to the neurological criterion for death ("brain death") and many medical, bioethical, philo Source: Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network