Same Sex Debate

New Jersey Delusion: Boys Can Compete as Girls, No Documentation

Same-Sex / Gender Identity11/20/2017 7:26:00 AM
Contact: 4 WINDS, 608-469-7956 MADISON, Wisc., Nov. 20, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- New Jersey high school athletes who desire to be transgender do not need gender documentation to compete. The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association approved a policy where athletes only need to notify school administrators about the sex they want to be. The transgender community gave guidance to the organization. Source: 4 Winds Christian Athletics

Eagle Forum Welcomes New Colorado State President

Same-Sex / Gender Identity11/17/2017 6:14:03 AM
Contact:  Julia Warton, National Field Director, Eagle Forum, 719-213-4675   ALTON, Ill., Nov. 17, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Eunie Smith, President of Eagle Forum is delighted to announce that Deb Marks (photo) of Craig, Colorado has been unanimously approved by the Board of Directors to serve as the new president of Colorado Eagle Forum.  "Deb comes highly recommended to us and we believe that she is a wonderful addition to our state leadership roster. Her years of expe Source: CCN

New York Cardinal Endorses New Web Resource for Pastoral Care of Same-sex Attracted Persons

Same-Sex / Gender Identity11/15/2017 6:09:00 AM
Contact: Kevin Wandra, Carmel Communications, 404-788-1276,; Ann Schneible, Courage International, 203-916-1156, NORWALK, Conn., Nov. 15, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new website aimed at offering an array of resources for persons involved in the pastoral care of men and women who experience same-sex attractions (SSA) has been launched by Courage & EnCourage International, the Catholic Church's officially recognized ministry in Source: Carmel Communications

Announcing the Release of Until Your Prodigal Comes Home: Encouragement Along the Way

Same-Sex / Gender Identity11/14/2017 4:15:02 AM
By Irene Bennett, Co-Founder of SBM Worldwide, Inc. and Published by WestBow Press, a Division of Thomas Nelson and ZondervanContact: Irene Bennett, President,, A Ministry of, 800-832-3623, Irene@sbministries.orgHUNTINGTON, Conn., Nov. 14, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Irene Bennett and her husband, Stephen, a former homosexual man, co-founded SBM Worldwide, Inc. in 2000 and in 2007. Together, they offer hope and hel Source: Stephen Bennett Ministries, Inc.

Office Max Maintains Pro-LGBT Stance in Wake of Anti-Christian Discrimination 'Mistake'

Same-Sex / Gender Identity11/13/2017 8:35:02 AM
Contact: Rob Pue, Publisher, Wisconsin Christian News, 715-486-8066 MARSHFIELD, Wis., Nov. 13, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Folks, add this story to your "Intolerant Gay Activists" file. An Office Max in Marshfield, Wisconsin has refused to print a poster submitted by Wisconsin Christian News (WCN) advertising an upcoming speech on November 16 by Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality on the topic of "The Homosexual Agenda." WCN publisher Rob Pue created Source: Wisconsin Christian News

Evangelist Alveda King: Judge Moore, NAACP, National Anthem, Church Shootings -- America Must Cease Fire or Self-Destruct

Same-Sex / Gender Identity11/10/2017 10:40:05 AM
Contact: Leslie Palma, 732-757-9087 ATLANTA, Nov.10, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- "For this people's heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed; lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them." Acts 28:27 While praying for a response to the NAACP wanting to ban the National Anthem here comes the news of a very questionable attack on Judge Roy Moore. Meanwhi Source: Alveda King Ministries

Politics of Sexual Abuse in Pennsylvania

Same-Sex / Gender Identity11/9/2017 5:00:00 AM
Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191,   NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Catholic League president Bill Donohue (photo) comments on legislation aimed at curbing sexual abuse in Pennsylvania:   The sexual abuse of minors is not taken seriously by many of the critics of the Catholic Church, unless, of course, the offenders are members of the clergy. This certainly includes the editorial board of the Philadelphia Inq Source: Catholic League

Got Detailed Questions About Sex Outside of Marriage? Newly Launched Christian Ministry, Focuses on Educating People on What God Says About Sexual Activity Outside of Marriage

Same-Sex / Gender Identity11/8/2017 2:00:00 AM
Contact: Jason London, Director, What God Says Ministries, 519-615-5034,; ONTARIO, Canada, Nov. 8, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Got detailed questions about sexual sin? Want to know what fornication truly is (based on what God says)? Want to know how sexual activity outside of marriage specifically affects a person (according to what God says)? Want to know how to delete sexual sin addictions from your life (based on what God Source: What God Says Ministries

TranZformed: Finding Peace with Your God-Given Gender

Same-Sex / Gender Identity11/7/2017 3:30:00 AM
Contact: David Kyle Foster, "Pure Passion" Media, 615-507-4166,; MT JULIET, Tenn., Nov. 7, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- In the recently released documentary film, "TranZformed" fifteen former transgender individuals join with numerous experts to dispel the confusion and bear witness to what Jesus Christ can do for those who struggle with gender dysphoria. Recently winning its first film festival award (and an official selection for several upcoming Source: Pure Passion Media

Feminist Opposition to Woman Judge Fails

Same-Sex / Gender Identity11/1/2017 4:46:05 AM
Contact: The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191,   NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the triumph of Amy Coney Barrett:  Seventeen "women's rights" organizations, all of which complain there aren't enough women in public office, tried to stop the appointment of a woman, Amy Coney Barrett, to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. They failed. She was confirmed Source: Catholic League

Foundation for Moral Law Denounces Federal Court Transgender Injunction

Same-Sex / Gender Identity10/31/2017 6:07:05 AM
Contact: John Eidsmoe, Foundation for Moral Law, 334-262-1245, MONTGOMERY, Ala., Oct. 31, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Foundation for Moral Law, a Montgomery-based nonprofit corporation dedicated to the acknowledgement of God and the strict interpretation of the Constitution as understood by its Framers, strongly criticized today's decision by Federal District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly that invalidated President Trump's ban on transgender persons serving in Source: Foundation for Moral Law

Interview Opportunity: Why Discounting Masculinity Won't Prevent Another Harvey Weinstein

Same-Sex / Gender Identity10/30/2017 10:16:03 AM
Trail Life USA CEO Mark Hancock speaks to allowing "boys to be boys" in wake of recent Boy Scouts decision to admit girls   Contact:  Ty Mays, 770-256-8710,     GREENVILLE, S.C., Oct. 30, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- As the Harvey Weinstein scandal continues to reverberate, many are demanding an end to toxic masculinity. But the answer to this cultural crisis is not to neutralize men, as is being widely advocated, but to raise re Source: InChrist Communicatinos

Attack on Bishop Morlino is Scurrilous

Same-Sex / Gender Identity10/30/2017 7:30:03 AM
Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191,   NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on recent attacks on Bishop Robert Morlino of the Diocese of Madison (Wisconsin):   Catholics in the Diocese of Madison are very fortunate to have such a brilliant and courageous leader in Bishop Robert Morlino. He is currently under attack by dissident Catholics, ex-Catholics, and those who ne Source: Catholic League

News Conference: Black Leaders Supporting Cake Artist Set Record Straight on Civil Rights

Same-Sex / Gender Identity10/21/2017 10:40:00 AM
MEDIA ADVISORY -- The Frederick Douglass Foundation Contact: Babette Holder, TFDF Media Relations, 630-501-5214 WASHINGTON, Oct. 21, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- WHO: Numerous Civil Rights leaders in support of Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips in his case at the U.S. Supreme Court, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission WHAT: Press conference sponsored by Frederick Douglass Foundation: "We Got Your Back, Jack" WHEN: Monday, Oct. 23, 10 a.m. EDT WHERE: Sidewa Source: Frederick Douglass Foundation

Cowboys and Cooks: Free Masterpiece Cake Singing Group

Same-Sex / Gender Identity10/17/2017 12:17:05 PM
Contact: Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc., 703-845-1808,; twitter: @eugenedelgaudio WASHINGTON, Oct. 17, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Singers will wear cowboy hats and chef's hats, line dance and sing a country song parody in support of the Masterpiece Cakeshop bakers case being argued before the Supreme Court this term. The singers and dancers will be at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. this Wednesday, October 18, at 12 noon. "Public Advocate lawyers filed Source: Public Advocate