Winter Olympics Promotes Homosexuality as Principle 6 is Pushed

Sports2/15/2018 1:00:00 AM
Contact: 4 Winds Christian Athletics, 608-469-7956 MADISON, Wis., Feb. 15, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Olympic skater Adam Rippon and skier Gus Kenworthy are promoting homosexuality as normal behavior. They are the first openly gay Winter Olympians from the United States. They have been verbally attacking Vice President Mike Pence. Kenworthy recently appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show criticizing Pence. Hillary Clinton praised the gay athletes and said she will be focusing on them as sh Source: 4 Winds Christian Athletics

Racer's Book Gives 'God & Country' a Gas Pedal, New Non-Profit

Sports1/30/2018 6:32:03 AM
Contact: Robert Bakke, 612-812-6174,; www.robertbakkeministries.comGOLDEN VALLEY, Minn., Jan. 30, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Local NASCAR driver, Robert Bakke, turned miracles at his local racetrack into an Amazon #1 bestseller, a global ministry career, and now a new Non-Profit, Robert Bakke Ministries Inc. (RBM), a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt religious organization. "There's no stopping  someone with a heart for 'God & Country,' particularly at 7,500 rpm Source: Robert Bakke Performance Ministries

Rev. Henry Soles Jr., Longtime Chicago Bulls Chaplain, Dies at 82

Sports1/29/2018 5:01:00 AM
Contact: Dr. Tracy Scott, 630-452-8738 WHEATON, Ill., Jan. 29, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Reverend Henry Soles, Jr. (photo) was born on August 17, 1935 in Anniston, Ala. He grew up in Plainfield, N.J. and attended Plainfield High School, Manhattan Bible Institute, and Rutgers University. A change agent who took ministry beyond the church walls, Rev. Soles served as the senior chaplain for the Chicago Bulls for over 30 years. He got his start in sports ministry with the Chicago Bears in the Source: SoulFeed

Rev. Robert Bakke Says 'Pastors Must Overpower Hollywood'

Sports1/3/2018 6:33:02 AM
Contact: Robert Bakke, 612-812-6174,; www.robertbakke.comGOLDEN VALLEY, Minn., Jan. 3, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Outspoken Amazon #1 author, Rev. Robert Bakke, says Hollywood has replaced the church in America and it's dismantling the country on all fronts. "America's economy, our morality, and even our common sense as a nation has been derailed by a Hollywood culture that is totally self-absorbed and full of hypocrisy," says Bakke, who continues, " Source: Robert Bakke Performance Ministries

Transgender Wins Two Silvers at the World Weightlifting Championships

Sports12/7/2017 2:52:01 AM
Contact: 4 WINDS, 608-469-7956 MADISON, Wis., Dec. 7, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- A transgender won two silvers at the women's World Weightlifting Championships that concluded Tuesday evening in Anaheim, California. Laurel Hubbard, 39, from New Zealand won two silvers. Overall, the transgender athlete finished second to Sarah Robles from the United States. Also, Hubbard finished second in the snatch category. Identifying as a female four years ago, Hubbard previously competed as a man. Source: 4 Winds Christian Athletics

Robert Bakke 'Performance Gospel' Spellbinding Audiences

Sports11/29/2017 10:19:03 AM
Contact: Robert Bakke, 612-812-6174,; www.robertbakke.comGOLDEN VALLEY, Minn., Nov. 29, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Jet pilot Robert Bakke is using his "Performance Gospel" to upset the religious apple cart of poverty & weakness, and he's doing it on purpose. "Our God is powerful, wealthy and expects us to win, which is why we're told nothing is impossible with God's help," says Bakke, who points out that many of God's chosen were the weal Source: Robert Bakke Performance Ministries

Top Atheist Organization, Freedom from Religion Responsible for Thousands of Abortions

Sports11/29/2017 1:00:00 AM
Contact: 4 WINDS, 608-469-7956 MADISON, Wis., Nov. 29, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Madison, Wisconsin's Freedom From Religion is America's top atheist organization. They stop Christian activity by threatening and carrying out lawsuits against Christians. Their staff lawyers work non-stop circumventing Constitutional laws. Freedom From Religion was founded in 1976 alongside their sister organization, the Women's Medical Fund which started in 1972. WMF has funded 20,000 abortions in Wisc Source: 4 Winds Christian Athletics

New Jersey Delusion: Boys Can Compete as Girls, No Documentation

Sports11/20/2017 7:26:00 AM
Contact: 4 WINDS, 608-469-7956 MADISON, Wisc., Nov. 20, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- New Jersey high school athletes who desire to be transgender do not need gender documentation to compete. The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association approved a policy where athletes only need to notify school administrators about the sex they want to be. The transgender community gave guidance to the organization. Source: 4 Winds Christian Athletics

'Arm the Churches' says Rev. Robert Bakke

Sports11/8/2017 9:33:03 AM
Black Belt Preacher, Rev. Robert Bakke, says "Cowards seek soft targets."   Contact: Robert Bakke, 612-812-6174,;   GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn., Nov. 8, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Black belt preacher, Rev. Robert Bakke, says churches can no longer remain soft targets and must arm themselves. "This is not about gun control, rental trucks or fertilizer bombs. It is about evil, and you will never stop evil because it is in the worl Source: Robert Bakke Performance Ministries

Foundation for Moral Law Sends Memorandum to Schools on Prayer at Football Games

Sports11/7/2017 9:43:01 AM
Contact: John Eidsmoe, Foundation for Moral Law, 334-262-1245,   MONTGOMERY, Ala., Nov. 7, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Prayer at public school football games does not violate the Constitution if it is a student message and not the school's, according to the Foundation for Moral Law.   The Alabama nonprofit corporation dedicated to the defense of religious liberty recently sent a memorandum to Alabama school superintendents explaining the First Amendment as under Source: Foundation for Moral Law

Interview Opportunity: Why Discounting Masculinity Won't Prevent Another Harvey Weinstein

Sports10/30/2017 10:16:03 AM
Trail Life USA CEO Mark Hancock speaks to allowing "boys to be boys" in wake of recent Boy Scouts decision to admit girls   Contact:  Ty Mays, 770-256-8710,     GREENVILLE, S.C., Oct. 30, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- As the Harvey Weinstein scandal continues to reverberate, many are demanding an end to toxic masculinity. But the answer to this cultural crisis is not to neutralize men, as is being widely advocated, but to raise re Source: InChrist Communicatinos

Local Foundation: 'Stand Up to Anti-Prayer Demands'

Sports10/27/2017 7:47:00 AM
Contact: John Eidsmoe, Foundation for Moral Law, 334-262-1245, MONTGOMERY, Ala., Oct. 27, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Foundation for Moral Law, a Montgomery-based legal foundation established to defend religious liberty under the United States Constitution, urged Alabama school districts to resist the demands of the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) and others who are trying to drive prayer out of school athletic events.On October 23, 2017, the Wisconsin-ba Source: Foundation for Moral Law

Andrew Palau Festival in Côte d'Ivoire Capital Yamoussoukro this Weekend

Sports10/25/2017 2:30:00 AM
Hundreds of local churches invite Andrew Palau to share message of hope and Good News through Love Côte d'Ivoire Festival Contact: Jay Fordice, 503-614-1500 YAMOUSSOUKRO, Côte d'Ivoire, Oct. 25, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- World evangelist Andrew Palau is serving this week with hundreds of churches and Christian leaders in Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire, preparing for a massive evangelistic festival this coming weekend. Love Côte d'Ivoire Festival will take place October 27-29, 2017. The Source: Luis Palau Association

American Heritage Girls to Remain Exclusively Girl-Oriented

Sports10/12/2017 11:00:00 AM
Contact: Michelle Beckham-Corbin, 513-771-2025 ext. 170, CINCINNATI, Oct. 12, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- With the recent statement shared by the Boy Scouts of America regarding changes in membership, American Heritage Girls (AHG) announced that the organization will remain committed to the foundation for which the non-profit was built on 22 years ago -- providing an all-girl environment in which girls can thrive and grow. Source: American Heritage Girls

Character-Forming Outdoor Adventure Group Will Remain 'a Place Where Boys Can be Boys'

Sports10/11/2017 1:32:03 PM
Trail Life USA pledges to keep its 'affirming' boys focus as Boy Scouts of America announces it will start welcoming girls   Contact: Ty Mays, 770-256-8710,   BELTON, S.C., Oct. 11, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- The leader of a national outdoor adventure program aiming to help develop men of character has reassured member-families and supporters that it will remain "a place where boys can be boys."   Trail Life USA CEO Mark Hanco Source: InChrist Communicatinos